Web Design and Hosting

I have been creating websites for myself and others for over ten years now, and am also able to create or edit graphics for your site- One of the most important aspects of web design.  I even host sites, so I can also set up your domain name (that's your web address) and put the site online, with nothing at all for you to worry about.

Here are a few websites I've set up, besides the one you're reading now:

The Magickal Marketplace & Psychic Faire
Ancient Fire Henna
A Sacred Place (archived)
Peaceful Harvest Mushrooms

Web Hosting

Allow me to host your website!  As a reseller for one of the top rated hosting companies, I can offer you the same fantastic service and tech support that I use myself.  Here are the basic plans I offer.  Please note that each domain name is an additional cost, usually $10-$15 annually.



For those who just need a simple web presence- 1-2 static pages to help people find you.



Perfect for most small websites: band, business, or blog


For those who need a little more space, like active webstores or video streaming.


Loads of storage, plenty of bandwith for large sites.

Cost $35 per year $10 per month $20 per month $40 per month
Storage 100 Mb 5 Gb 15 Gb 40 Gb
Bandwith 1 Gb 50 GB 100 Gb 300 Gb
Domains 1 3 10 Unlimited
Subdomains N/A 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Email Accounts 1 25 Unlimited Unlimited


Web Design

For design and setup, I offer a couple different options:

The first is a basic HTML site. It's a great choice for businesses that want their customers to be able to find them, but prefer to interact with them in person or by phone.  This type of site is usually three or four pages, generally something along the lines of "About Us", "Services", and "Contact Us".  Whether they're designed to be visually exciting or down-to-business, under the hood it's all simple, fast loading, standardized code.  These websites are usually minimally maintained, if updated at all, and basically serve as an online business card.

I can usually put together a nice website like this for $100-$300, and offer a free year of hosting on the "Webcard" plan.

The second option is a site built using the Drupal content management system (CMS).  Essentially, the CMS is a framework that holds the text, pictures, layout, and everything else together.  It offers several distinct advantages over a regular HTML site:

  • Once built, anyone can update it just as easilly as using a word processor.  It will handle multiple user accounts, and you can dictate how much authority any specific person has to interact with or make changes to the site.

  • All of your content- Text, pictures, files- is stored in a database which is separate from the design and layout.  If you want a new look or new colorscheme, you can change it- and all of that content will show right up in the new layout with no need to redo anything.

  • The CMS is modular, and there are thousands of plug-ins available to add different functions.  If you need a calendar page that automatically displays your upcoming events, a discussion forum, a shopping cart or online store, a photo gallery, or pretty much any other advanced feature, it's just a matter of plugging in the right module.

While these websites are easy for anyone to update, their initial setup can be trickier, especially if you haven't done so before.  I've installed dozens, and know right off the bat which go-to modules every site should have, what configuration options to watch out for, and how to optimize themes and layouts to work with your content.  Getting the site up and running can be as low as $300 for something simple, or several thousand for all the bells and whistles (Several fortune 500 companies, along with the US government, also use this same system).

Remember that this is the framework, not the content-  Most Drupal sites I set up are in the $400-$600 range, but once it's up and running, there's no additional charge for you to add as many pages as you want.  I recommend the "Basic" plan to start out, and you can always upgrade if you need to.