Metaphysics, Magick. and Paganism Classes

Basic / Beginner Classes: 
These classes take from 1-3 hours as time allows.

Care and Feeding of Magickal Tools
This workshop fully covers every aspect of the physical representations we use in our practice. We will cover several magickal tools, including a few you may never have thought of! 

Topics range from why we need tools to the debate over buying vs. making them yourself. We'll cover the process of designing and creating an object, how to cleanse and consecrate your tools, and end with some practical solutions for preserving and caring for wood, metal, stone, leather, and other common materials. 

Intro to the Norse Runes
Learn about the Norse Runes in this beginner level workshop. We'll cover the mythological and historical origin of the runes, and spend a good deal of time on the individual meanings and interpretations. We'll show you how to make your own set, and you'll learn how to use them for divination, meditation, and rune magick.

Introduction to Modern Paganism
The Pagan population is in the US is estimated at over one million people. Here is your chance to learn about this emerging culture, it's practices, and it's history.

We'll explore the ancient beliefs of Europe, Asia, and aboriginal cultures from around the world, and how these ideas came together and influenced one another. We'll follow this through the rise of Christianity, the development of Western magickal theory, and the fruits of the Neopagan resurgence in the 20th century. Beyond the history, we'll discuss what religions can (or should) be considered Pagan, how they worship, and the fundamentals of magickal practice.

This is a great workshop for anyone new to Paganism, or anyone who needs help explaining their practice to others- you can even bring them along! We'll be allotting plenty of time for Q&A.

Methods of Divination
For all of history, mankind has tried to predict the future- And now, you can too.
This class will introduce you to the art of divination, and touch on dozens of specific methods from the crystal ball to dowsing, to sortilege using cards, runes, or random objects.
We'll discuss destiny vs. free will, rational explainations, and how to find the method that works for you.

Magickal Tool Consecration Ritual
In this brief ceremony, we will cover the three Cs- Cleansing, Consecration, and Charging- Using an elemental model of magickal practice.  Each participant will be asked to share a little bit about their object and what makes it special to their practice.

Intermediate Classes:
These classes take from 1-3 hours as time allows.

The Magickal Weapons and Beyond
The four elements of Western magick are represented by four distinct tools: The chalice, blade, wand, and panticle.  This class will explore what these tools are, what they represent, and how they are used, but goes well beyond what you've been taught.
We'll learn their origins, from the Old Testament and ancient Egypt and Greece, through the Medieval grimoires and alchemists, to Victorian  secret societies and beyond.  We'll see how traditions as different as Catholocism, Buddhism, and Native American tribal beliefs all developed their own versions, and how they differ from modern Pagan traditions.

The Magickal Tools in Theory
Many considerations go into the design and use of magickal tools- The associations and energetic properties of the material, the form and function, the symbolism and decoration- But how do these actually work?  Does the shape or color of a tool matter more or less than what it's made of?  How do these characteristics change for those who carry their tools on the dream or astral plane?

This theory will explore one possible model of how matter and energy interact across multiple levels of reality, and introduce a meta-system for designing ritual items appropriate across a wide range of belief systems.

Multi-Session Classes:
These more intensive classes meet over multiple sessions, and some may require additional expenses such as materials or texts.

Magickal Theory and Practice
This 3 week class will teach you the fundamental building blocks of magick and ritual.
-In part one, we learn what magick really is- how it's been viewed throughout history, and how we separate the magickal from the mundane. We'll then discuss the universal laws essential to understanding and harnessing energy.
-In part 2, we'll study the various forms of magickal energy, and learn the essential techniques of grounding, meditation, and focus. We'll also explore several frameworks to utilize, including the tarot, elements, astrology, and basic qaballah.
-In the final class, we'll cover the essential magickal tools, and discuss the important subject of ethics. The bulk of this third class will be dedicated to the form and elements of ritual, and how to create your own.

Crafting a Magickal Tool
This is an intensive, 1-on-1 practical workshop.  We will actually design, craft, and prepare a magickal tool for your own use- From scratch, according to your own specific needs.  This will involve hands-on working of wood, metal, clay, glass, or other materials, and will take place at the Haunted Wood or another location. The material fees for this class will largely depend on your own design choices.  While you are encouraged to do as much of the work yourself as possible, I will be available to assist you as needed and take over if a particular task is beyond your skill or comfort level.
Working with powertools, molten glass or metal, kilns, sharp objects, and other industrial equipment involves a certain amount of inherrent risk. You are responsible for your own safety, and required to listen to all safety instructions and/or advice.  After the first session, you may be required to bring safety goggles and/or other protective equipment.