Knotwork  COMING SOON!
This collection of rocked up Irish & Scots traditionals features guest appearances by Sharon Knight & Winter, Celia, and a few other friends.  

You Are Here- Unreleased
Recorded for the RPM Challenge 2015, this is an insanely wide-ranging album with everything from metal to electronica to country to basic rock and roll.  Conceptually, it's far more complex than the songs would suggest- Each track is mapped to a zodiac sign, aligned to the wheel of fifths, with instrumentation, number of movements, and arrangement all dependent on factors such as the elements, pi, and alchemical correspondancies, all mapped to the wheel of the year.

Featherscale:  Gypsy Heart  Released 2011
Recorded with the full band, this features performances by Jenna Greene and Robert McClung of Telergy, along with Justin Hunt, Tim Clark, and Amber Meagher.  I wrote most of the material and helped produce.

Featherscale:  Topaz Stars in a Violet Sky Released in 2009
Featherscale started off as a solo project.  This album was a bit more experimental, but contained an early version of Invocation and generally continued the work I started with Imbolc and Ice.

The Reverend Rat:  Imbolc and Ice  Released 2006
The last gasp of the Reverend Rat era.  This collection of Pagan-themed songs was written and recorded during February as part of the RPM Challenge.

The Reverend Rat:  Sunshine Released 2005
My first real release, this album helped crystalize the acoustic/electric mix that still shows up in a huge amount of my material.


Reverend Rat: Basement Demos Volumes I - V  Released 2001-2006
A quasi-legitimate release, these were produced in limited quantities and passed out to get feedback on new material, much of which ended up on Sunshine and Imbolc and Ice.  There are still a few copies floating around out there…


Compillations and guest appearances:

Telergy:  Hypatia
This is the third symphonic prog-metal album from Rob McClung, producer of the Gypsy Heart album.  I do some vocals in a couple spots.  The album also features members of Trans Siberian Orchestra, Pink Floyd, Yes, Hawkwind, Living Color, Kansas, Spock's Beard, and Magellan. 

Pagan Songs for the Highest Power
A benefit CD for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing. (with Featherscale)

Larry “Lone Wolf” Nickerson:  Acoustic Graffitti
Along with backing vocals, I played a little bass and hand percussion.

You’re Driving me Pizza!  (compillation)


Works in progress:

Hello Abyss
The new CD, featuring some songs from a dark place...
Tracks include: In the Dark, Reaper

Picking up where Featherscale left off, Skycladdagh will continue to push the boundries of Pagan music.

Unplugged is a Registered Trademark
A collection of acoustic versions of old songs.  This has been sitting on my hard drive, mostly finished since 2010.  Someday it will be released.

Cockmonster:  Arab Spring Break
An album of pedantic, offensive, rude, crude, and socially unacceptable old school punk.
Tracks include:I Fucked Your Mom, Dysfunctional Family, Red Shirt

Black Ship Theatre:  Nightfall
Part rock opera, part old time radio drama, this gothic vampire story is heavilly influenced by bands like Theatre of Tragedy and Type O Negative.

This folk metal album has been mostly written but still needs to be recorded.  It plays with themes of inheritance, legacy, and the sins of the fathers.