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Multipart Stencils

These are mostly on canvas, and are hand spray painted using multiple levels of stencil.  I usually start with a source image, or create one using collage techniques, then digitally manipulate it to separate the colors.  Then comes a lot of going in by hand to make small changes so it works as a stencil.  Finally, I cut the stencils (as many as 6 or 8 for a single image), and spray paint each layer one at a time.


Basic acrylic paint and traditional brush techniques.


Both regular sketching pencil and colored pencil.


These images are burned on baltic birch using a woodburning tool.  Different temperatures and speeds of each stroke give a range of shades.

Pen & Ink

Various sorts.

Spray Paint Art

This is actually done as street performance.  Paintings are done on posterboard using only spray cans, torn newspaper, bottle caps, and a few simple stencils- Most in under five minutes.