I’m a New England based artist, musician, occasional writer, and creative consultant.  Basically, I make things- Out of wood, metal, clay, fabric, sound, paper, words, whatever medium I get my claws into.

I also write, cook, and do some other creative stuff.   I run a couple fairs and festivals.  I like to do stuff for charity, and have been known to support A Sacred Place, Boy Scouts, the UU church, and some leftist causes.

As far as the bio stuff, I was born in Northeastern Mass, grew up for a few years outside of Chicago, and spent the last 30+ years bouncing around the NH seacoast area, minus a couple years in Key West and Las Vegas.  I settled a bit south of Portland ME around 2016.   I was married once, and I have possibly the most adorable dog on the face of the Earth.

I’m a card carrying Witch and Druid, but usually just identify as Pagan, and I’m considered something of an elder in some circles. My bands Featherscale and Skycladdagh reflect this pretty clearly, and I’ve been known to teach classes on metaphysical and Pagan subjects.  I even wrote a book about magickal tools, which might get published someday.