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Sure, I'll Work For Free

Because someone will ask.  Lots of people will ask.  "I can't afford to pay you for it, but can you do this for me?" It comes with the territory of being an artist.

At this point, I have a few standardized responses I can just pull out.

The Kids Today (part 384)

So, I just watched this video

, and the guy raises a few interesting points about Millennials in the workplace.


Of course, he misses the other, biggest issues: The fact that these kids have increasingly fewer opportunities to succeed, and they're smart enough to know it; and the fact that they understand what's actually possible better than anyone who is currently running things.



On Abortion

This is probably the most important and painful story I have to tell.

It's important that this is today.  Today is my son River's birthday- October 21, 2010.  The story starts a few years earlier.

In 2006, K got pregnant.  We had been married for about 4 years, and it was just about the perfect time to start a family.  We were every bit as excited as you might imagine.  We told our families.  We told our friends.  We had a shower.  A friend knitted us a beautiful little blanket.  We started a scrapbook.

It's Not Politics as Usual

Apparently Hillary Clinton was in town today. It got me thinking a bit about the hate that's being sent her way, not the least of which comes from Bernie fans. I know I'm guilty of that myself.


The thing is, Hillary isn't all that bad when compared to the rest of congress, pundits, and recent officials.  She's a Washington insider with a good track record on abortion, finally came around on gay rights, and gets her money fromt the same place everyone else in her position does.  Under any other circumstances, she'd be an easy pick as the lesser of two evils.