Sept 10 Slowdown for Net Neutrality

This is the most important thing of the day.

Allow me to explain exactly how net neutrality works:

Imagine you own the best little pizza shop in town, and across the street is a national pizza chain.  This is all good and fine, because competition is what makes capitalism great- if you make a better product, you'll succeed over them.

One day, the city council declares that pizza delivery vehicles can drive no faster than 20mph, unless they pay an annual fee.  Now, maybe you can afford the fee and maybe you can't, but the fact is that your taxes already pay for public access to city streets, and you should be allowed to drive the speed limit just like anyone else.

The national chain across the street however, not only hands over the money, but they offer to pay double the regular fee if they're allowed to ignore the speed limit completely, and triple if the council will lower the 20mph cap to 10mph.

You now have the choice to pay an outrageous price for something your taxes were supposed to cover, or take over an hour to deliver a pizza where your competition takes 10 minutes.  

In this scenario, the company that has more money to throw at the problem will always be able to offer superior service- Not because they are capable of *providing* better service, but because they've paid off the gatekeeper.

Now, the cable companies claim that they simply want to charge more for the sites that are using the most bandwith, which seems reasonable- Except that it isn't, because they aren't the ones doing business with those cable companies, you are.

The cable company charges you for a certain amount of bandwith every month.  Now they also want to charge the websites you use your bandwith to visit.

The big websites like Netflix and Google *already* pay a premium for the amount of traffic they generate.  They pay for huge data centers with multiple direct high speed connections to the other data centers and central routing systems that form the core of the internet itself.  In essence, they are paying to install highways and bridges and parking lots everywhere you want to go.  The cable company are the ones who pave your driveway.  They have every right to charge more or less depending on how many cars you can fit- But not to charge based on where you go when you leave.

Now imagine that instead of pizza shops, we're talking about an election.  Imagine that it takes 30 times longer for voters to access information about your candidate than it does the opposing party.  That there are fewer places to vote in your district than in your opponant's home district.

This is what the internet is.  It's not just a communications tool, it is plug-and-play freedom of speech and of assembly.  It is the most radical tool of entepreneurialism since the invention of capitalism itself.  It is vital that it not fall into the hands of a few unaccountable gatekeepers.

Please, spread the word.